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Bella Swan Meets Jennifer | Naked Bodies in the Twilight

Just Like Kristen Stewart – Bella Swan Goes Both Ways This fanfiction starts just like any typical high school romance drama: there’s a new girl in town and she falls for someone completely unachievable, unsuitable, and secretive. Bella Swan falls for a monster. The most popular, beautiful, and hot person in the entire school. Nothing […]

Merlin CRACK: Ambiguously Gay Duo

A Different Merlin Crack – Bits and Pieces From All Over Ok, let’s slice up the video and explain a few things: Originally, the Ambiguously Gay Duo song was written about Batman and Robin for a short animated SNL series. But once I heard it, I’ve realized how perfectly it describes the bond between Merlin […]

Ghost in the Shell | Pillow Lips and Non-existent Costumes

Michael Pitt and Scarlett Johansson as Cyber Lovers It’s a futuristic love and identity drama with two extra hot actors who look more like a brother and sister than actual ex-lovers. To be honest, even with the brother and sister in heat scenario, I’d ship them. And that scenario would’ve been way more interesting! However […]

GG | Blair and Chuck – Sugar

Bittersweet Love Blair and Chuck aren’t one the sweetest couples around, everybody knows it. They’re twisted and insecure, flamboyant and overbearing. Any evil trait you can think of – name it – they’ve got it all. But there’s more they have in common – it’s unconditional love, passion and amazing chemistry. When it’s just the […]

GAY MERLIN | Come Lancelot

A love triangle or a threesome? Here comes Lancelot… Well… Once Lancelot shows up in Camelot, the gay subtext gets even more obvious on Merlin. I had to play a bit with the characters. I just couldn’t help it. It was way too fun and easy. Maybe it’s an adult TV show after all? I’m […]

Katie McGrath and Gemma Chan | On a Lesbian First Date

Unrequited Love and Katie McGrath It’s nothing new that this fair-skinned black-haired Irish beauty makes women go crazy. It started with Merlin and her role as Morgana. Morgana’s close connection with Gwen was cut short and turned upside down in a matter of moments by ignorant producers in the later seasons. Fans are still angry […]

Josh Whitehouse – Mr. Burberry

Mr. Arouse I couldn’t care less about fashion, perfumes or any other fancy/hip shit but Burberry bought me with the first 3 sec. of this ad. Thanks to incredibly sexy Josh Whitehouse, of course, it’s one of the best softcore porn videos for women with good taste in men. I didn’t like the cuts or music […]

Colin Morgan and Bradley James | Sorry Who

Colin and Bradley – Young and Predestined   In this short fan-fic Ben (Bradley James aka Prince Arthur) is an arrogant empty-headed brat causing turmoil inside of the plane. Jethro (Colin Morgan aka Merlin) is a misunderstood unsatisfied teenager forced to travel with his parents. Ben is missing some deeper meaning in his life and […]

Blue Lagoon | Falling in Love

And the mermaid is back! I can’t imagine Indiana Evans (one of the mermaids from the cult teen/kids show H2O: Just Add Water) anywhere else, but on a beach with as little clothes as possible. I’m not being vulgar – she just looks so beautiful and cute. With a tail, or without it. And since […]

The L Word: Shane and Her Love Affairs

Shane – The Live Embodiment of Sexual Prowess Katherine Moennig’s character from The L Word proudly and rightfully wears a mantle of the Lesbian Goddess of Attraction and Promiscuity. Shane McCutcheon probably had sex with more women than there are episodes in the whole series (I think I’ll make a countdown video – I believe, […]