Bella and Shane – A Much Better Love Story Than Twilight

This is the first video of the Gay Bella Shorts series that I’ve made and posted on Youtube. It was the summer of 2013 – way before any of my friends believed me when I told them that Kristen Stewart was gay… so so gay…

In the alternate universe of Summertime Sadness, Bella Swan (the painfully straight character from Twilight) is a lesbian who falls for her hairdresser Shane (the unmistakably gay character from The L Word). Shane (act. Katherine Moennig) brought some laughter and passion into this short story, but Bella (act. Kristen Stewart) nailed it as a traumatized young woman who is about to marry a guy whom she can’t love. Fear, anxiety, disgust and desire, a bit overplayed in Breaking Dawn wedding scene by Kristen Stewart, looks just right in this lesbian drama context. Basically – their love story feels more legit…

Bella Swan – Breaking Down

I remember watching Breaking Dawn (I haven’t read the books, maybe it’s different there…) for the first time and thinking: she REALLY doesn’t want to get married. Or wear those uncomfortable high heels! Change her wardrobe – what? Why can’t you see that! Stop pressuring her, you vamp-shinny asshole! I guess I had to make this video to let these angry feelings out… Sorry if my opinion isn’t the mainstream one about this production, but it’s just the way I see it. It’s not a “girl meets boy” story for me, it’s a “girl knows what she wants” story.

The Twilight Saga isn’t revolving around one special 100-year-old freaky guy… or even two freaks fighting for their dream girl for that matter. It’s about a new lifestyle that Bella wants to be a part of. All movies put together it’s pretty obvious – it’s about belonging to something that feels exceptional and true, making mistakes and difficult life choices to get it. It’s not about the person she’s in love with, it’s about a life Bella feels like she’s supposed to live. Her destiny.

Imagine Bella and Shane

I know I’m not that original – this exact same idea has been already developed into a movie. This video is very similar to “Imagine Me and You” – a typical lesbian coming-out drama where the bride meets the love of her life on her wedding day. And it’s definitely not her husband. Or anyone with a dick anyway…


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