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Merlin CRACK: Shortcuts to Merthur

Why is Arthur constantly hitting Merlin? Well… That’s how the Prince is hitting ON his servant. Did anyone notice HOW Arthur teased Merlin? Or HOW Merlin would prolong the tease? Basically, they were toying around until Arthur had to touch Merlin (even if it’s a stick or a flying object that he threw at his […]

Salem | Anne Hale – Love Spell

Her Love Spell is a Death Curse It is one of the most heartbreaking and powerful moments when a witch sacrifices something dear and close to her so she could obtain something she wants even more. Magic always has a price and conjuring any kind of love requires killing an existing one. Preferably… unconditional, unsuspecting and […]

Reign | Silent Movie – Truth or Dare

Reign as an Adult Silent Movie of Early XX Century The royalty is bored and their games are just as unscrupulous and self-indulgent as hard and complicated are their blue-blooded lives and duties. Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress, right? The main characters of Reign are playing their own version of “truth […]

Josh Whitehouse – The Imperfect Perfection

The Guy That Brings Back Romance There’s something about Josh Whitehouse that is very addictive. And it’s not just his good looks, sexy British accent or captivating smile. He’s great at being naked, obviously (he’s Mr. Burberry after all) and even better at lame romantic movies (The Knight before Christmas) that would be unwatchable otherwise, […]

Alicia and Clarke | Just Pick Up The Radio

Fear the 100 – Femslash That Makes All the Sense In the World The Universe: This world is full of radioactive dead zones and people who have turned into zombies because of a mutated virus caused by high levels of radiation. They are hunting people who are still healthy, sucking their blood as supply and […]

Legend of the Seeker | Revenant Hot Sex Scene – Kahlan and Richard

Legend of the Seeker. S01E13. One of the hottest scenes on TV ever. Richard Cypher: – Love isn’t something to fear, Kahlan. Kahlan Amnell: – For me it is. Richard and Kahlan are trapped in an ancient crypt and possessed by the spirit of the previous Seeker and his Confessor (who have also fallen in […]

Teen Wolf: Scott and Allison

Teen Dreams That Suck You In At first, Teen Wolf was just a rip-off TV series for lustful teenage girls. By rip-off I mean Twilight. It started the same way Vampire Diaries and 50 Shades of Grey did – they were all inspired by the wildly popular love stories portrayed in Twilight. I didn’t like […]

Clexa | Sorry – Clarke and Lexa – Finale

The 100 – Season 3 Finale a.k.a. Clexa Finale Clarke: – I love you. Lexa: – I will always be with you… Clarke and Lexa’s story is something I haven’t seen on TV screens since Xena. The powerful and openly (!!!) gay couple driving forwards and transforming the whole story of the series (The 100). […]

American Horror Story: Evan Peters characters

Evan Peters is the shining star of American Horror Story. Pick your favorite character.