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Xena: Warrior Princess | Ares Thinks Xena is Dead

IN MEMORIAM ARES Kevin Smith was injured on February 6, 2002, the day after he had finished work on the film. Some sources have said that he fell from a height possibly as great as six storeys. His injuries were critical and he was put on life-support. He passed away 10 days later in his […]

Legend of the Seeker | Screw You – Women with Superpowers: Confessor, Mord Sith, Sorceress

Sister Nicci In “The Legend of the Seeker” as a Sister of the Light and Dark, Nicci is a very skilled sorceress. She, like the other Sisters of Dark and Light, can use a Dacra to absorb a person’s Han. She can also cast the maternity spell which links her to a person, meaning if […]

Legend of the Seeker | Overkill – Cara and Kahlan

Introducing the Madonna & the Whore On the one hand we have Kahlan, the Mother Confessor. A magical/mystical woman with the powers of extracting the truth out of anyone, or enslaving them through a single touch… In many aspects she is the spiritual, virginal and pristine representation of traditional femininity. Yet beneath the surface of her […]

Legend of the Seeker | Happy Ending – Richard and Kahlan

Legend of the Seeker S02E11. Torn.   Kahlan: – Can you imagine what it would be like to be ordinary people? Richard: – You mean the kind that sleep in beds in houses? Craig Horner (playing Richard Cypher) about a love scene in the woods. “Oh yeah,” he said, almost chuckling. “It took me and Bridget […]

Legend of the Seeker | Fighter – Kahlan Amnell

Kahlan Amnell and her Knives There’s something about women fighting. They seem more aggressive, more emotional and more uncontrollable yet more elegant than men. When I say this, I mean actual martial arts, box or wrestling. Television only emphasizes this difference and brings wild. lethal. beautiful. women combat skills to the next level. Legend of the […]

Legend of the Seeker | Fairytale – Kahlan and Richard

Fairytale of the Seeker The way Richard looks at Kahlan and how she worries about him must be the sweetest thing about the series. Their connection is truly magical and special – just like in fairytales. Legend of the Seeker: Season 1. Music: Alexander Rybak – Fairytale (Eurovision winner 2009). I’m in love, with a fairytale […]

Legend of the Seeker | Revenant Hot Sex Scene – Kahlan and Richard

Legend of the Seeker. S01E13. One of the hottest scenes on TV ever. Richard Cypher: – Love isn’t something to fear, Kahlan. Kahlan Amnell: – For me it is. Richard and Kahlan are trapped in an ancient crypt and possessed by the spirit of the previous Seeker and his Confessor (who have also fallen in […]