The 100 novel series

The 100: Novel Series

The 100: Novel Series The 100 novel series is a young adult science fiction series by Kass Morgan.  The first book in the series, “The 100″, was published on September 3, 2013. “Day 21”, its sequel, was released on September 25, 2014. “Homecoming” was released on February 26, 2015.  A fourth novel, “Rebellion”, was released on December 6, 2016. Prior […]

kahlan tears

LotS: Books

Book 1: Wizards First Rule The masterpiece that started The New York Times bestselling epic Sword of Truth In a dark age it takes courage to live, and more than mere courage to challenge those who hold dominion, Richard and Kahlan must take up that challenge or become the next victims. Beyond awaits a bewitching land where […]