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Twilight | If Edward Could Read Bella’s Thoughts – Just Fuck (Me)

What’s in Bella’s head? Extremely hot and unachievable vampire Edward Cullen (act. Robert Pattinson) can read people’s minds, but can’t hear Bella’s thoughts. What if he could? In this video, I’m just translating the infamous Twilight stares. Mostly Bella’s (act. Kristen Stewart) hungry seductive glares at Edward that seemed so obsessive, open and simply begging […]

Xena: Warrior Princess | Ares Chasing Xena

IN MEMORIAM ARES Kevin Smith as Ares in Xena: Warrior Princess was one of my first TV crushes. Kevin was playing a selfish, aggressive and ambitious God of War who was completely obsessed with Xena. Maybe the reason behind his lust for her was that Xena was the only one to tell him “no”. Xena […]


Fan-Fiction: Confess Me – The Legend of Lexa com Trikru

Confess Me (The Legend of Lexa) Just found this fan fiction story which intriguingly connects two completely different TV shows and stories – Legend of the Seeker and The 100. The only thing they share in common – untimely deaths. In The 100 it’s a powerful female character Lexa played by Alycia Debnam-Carey, in Legend of the […]


Xena: Wonder Woman’s costume

The new Wonder Woman undressed Xena?   This Wonder Woman is more Xena, less Lynda. Diana is attractive but never tacky. And the big pants have gone. What a good thing she’s brought her own set of canyon-jumping, hole-punching, bullet-dodging super-powers along too. [] The director Zack Snyder showed fans the first picture of Gal Gadot […]

Reign | Theme Song – Mary and Francis

Mary and Francis: The Queen and her King Mary and Francis in Reign. Since the beginning till the end. Their full story from all 3 seasons. Love, hate, passion, suspicion, and death. Fictional or not, this love story was definitely worth my time. The main character Mary grew immensely throughout the seasons. She transformed from […]

Xena: Warrior Princess | What does XENA Say?

Xena – Crazy as a Fox – They say Xena’s crazy as a fox. That’s the quote from the legendary Xena that made me think of this video idea. She can be a little crazy sometimes. Enchanted or not… In this video, I focused on the legendary Xena’s screams and her insane physical abilities. It […]


Legend of the Seeker | Bra Commercial – Push It

Calvin Klein Bra Commercial – Kahlan Amnell This was an extremely annoying Calvin Klein bra commercial in 2012 popping up everywhere and all the time. Before Youtube videos, after them, right in the middle… Same stupid melody and boobs boobs boobs. I have a bra like that, it’s awesome, no problem with the product, but […]

Game of Thrones Arya meme: No One

Game of Thrones | The Memes of Winterfell

The Battle of Memes Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3. Finally. The Battle of Winterfell. It was a long and intense episode… Way more material for memes than I’ve hoped.

Game of Thrones. The ending.

GOT: The Battle of Winterfell

One Very Long Orgasm The Battle of Winterfell felt like a prolonged orgasm after trying way too hard for way too long. Definitely euphoric, but however intensive and unexpected (Arya) – it wasn’t and probably couldn’t have been enough. The ending left me feeling exhausted, a bit disappointed and yet wanting more. More action, more […]

Twilight Saga | The Best of Bella and Edward

Part I: Dangerous Obsessions The Twilight Saga and Bella Swan – so-called emotionless, pitiful, soulless movies and character that was able to capture millions of teenage girls and middle-aged women’s attention for over a decade. There is something about her I honestly admire. And it’s not her undying illogical devotion to a vampire. Not her […]