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The Devil’s Hand | Examined – 2/4

It’s Time for Examination This is the second part of a full movie remake. Strict rules and blind prejudice of the Amish community is taking its toll on a few innocent girls. The leader of the Church and the man in power tend to profit from it in many different ways. Prepare yourself to be […]

The Devil’s Hand | Mary and Ruth – 1/4

Amish Girls in Love   – Forgive me father for I am SIN. It’s the first part of a full movie remake (4 parts in total). No demonic horror and irrationality in this one. Just a tragic love story in a closed Amish community led by a manipulative priest with dark secrets… Alternate Universe: The […]

Lexa Drawing Revival

Confess Me (Legend of Lexa)

Confess Me (Legend of Lexa) Just found this fan fiction story which intriguingly connects two completely different TV shows and stories – Legend of the Seeker and The 100. The only thing they share in common – untimely deaths. In The 100 it’s a powerful female character Lexa played by Alycia Debnam-Carey, in Legend of the Seeker’s […]

Legend of the Seeker | Richard Cypher Shirtless

Craig Horner: The Abbs and the Charms   Craig Horner has got the looks that keep the ladies watching, but he doesn’t take his shirt off much. Do you get requests for shirtless scenes?, I asked curiously. “I told the writers I don’t want this to be like a Baywatch in the Woods,” Craig replied […]

Bridget Regan as Kahlan Amnell

Legend of the Seeker | Bra Commercial – Push It

Calvin Klein Bra Commercial – Kahlan Amnell This was an extremely annoying Calvin Klein bra commercial in 2012 popping up everywhere and all the time. Before Youtube videos, after them, right in the middle… Same stupid melody and boobs boobs boobs. I have a bra like that, it’s awesome, no problem with the product, but how […]

Spartacus: Vengeance | Spartacus vs Glaber

A Slave against a Ruler: Spartacus vs Glaber Gaius Claudius Glaber is one of my favorite characters in Spartacus. Craig Parker is an amazing actor from New Zealand who can be seen in many TV shows as a twisted wicked bad guy. He loves such roles and I love seeing him as an antagonist. With […]

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena | Gannicus

Before Spartacus: Gannicus Imagine how much better history class would be if the Starz cable network rewrote all major historical events. Wild-eyed groupies would’ve lined Revolutionary War battlefields, cheering and pulling their breasts out. The headshot that killed President Abraham Lincoln would’ve been a donkey punch delivered by an overly enthusiastic transgender dominatrix. And on that monumental day in July 1969, Neil […]

Xena WW

Xena: Wonder Woman’s costume

The new Wonder Woman undressed Xena? This Wonder Woman is more Xena, less Lynda. Diana is attractive but never tacky. And the big pants have gone. What a good thing she’s brought her own set of canyon-jumping, hole-punching, bullet-dodging super-powers along too. [] The director Zack Snyder showed fans the first picture of Gal Gadot as […]

Reign | Silent Reign – Truth or Dare

Reign as a silent old film It’s a silent erotic comedy. Main characters are playing their version of “truth or dare”. Mary, Lola, and Catherine have to do whatever bold and wicked Narcisse dares them to. See how it goes. Next time – it’s Catherine’s turn to dare all of them (still in the making). Style: […]

Reign | X Factor – The First Episode

The first episode of Reign on the X Factor– presenting the main characters of the show Reign is auditioning for the X Factor. Simon Cowell undertakes a new type of challenge: who is the best character in the series and how good is this show? Do you agree with Simon? Do you think his remarks are […]