Francis and Mary: The King and the Queen 

Francis and Mary in Reign. Since the beginning till the end. Their full story from all 3 seasons. Love, hate, passion, suspicion, and death. Fictional or not, this love story is a tragedy.

Megan Follows, as Catherine de’ Medici, Queen of France:

– Happiness is the one thing that Queens can never have.

Some interesting facts:

The series contains some censorship, which can be seen at the episode The Consummation (S01E13). The channel has provided an uncensored director’s cut on its homepage, which differs in two sex scenes in comparison to the TV version. These two scenes obviously were too explicit for a TV broadcast, so The CW had to make some cuts. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.

Adelaide Kane plays Mary Queen of Scots and claims that she is in fact related to her through her Mother. The actress says that she feels a strong connection with Queen Mary.

Seasons 1-3. Music: The Lumineers – Scotland (“Reign” theme song).

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