The 100 – Season 3 Finale a.k.a. Clexa Finale

Clarke: – I love you.
Lexa: – I will always be with you…

In Perverse Instantiation—Part Two, Clarke is on a mission to stop a holographic AI named ALIE from world domination. She is implanted with the flame with the help of a blood transfusion. Clarke takes one of ALIE’s chips and enters the City of Light. She is protected by Lexa’s spirit…  [wikipedia]

Just like most of the fans, I was shocked by Lexa’s death – she was an iconic character and their on-screen chemistry with Clarke was incredible. When I was watching the series I didn’t know that Lexa was coming back for the final episode of season 3. It was the best and the most heartfelt come back I’ve ever seen. I felt like recapturing their story and amplifying the connection between Clarke and Lexa was a must…

Music: Meg Myers – Sorry

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